Finca Conciencia

Follow-up interviews for Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown: Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria destroyed the community farm featured in the episode.

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solitary Bees 101

Series of bee raising videos.

This series of educational videos for Crown Bees includes teaser edits for social channels and multi-camera interactive livestream webinars.

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Houdini Fly

Produced for Crown Bees and the Washington State Department of Agriculture as an awareness piece for Mason Bee farmers in Washington State.

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Non-profit Fundraiser

Edited using existing footage and new interviews. Successfully being used as a fundraising tool for Juntos Vieques.

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Lionfish Hunting

Documenting removal of an invasive species

Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust explains the dangers of lionfish.

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Leatherback Turtle

Nesting in Daylight

I was biking with my camera gear to film some real estate but got a call from the Department of Natural Resources to ride out and film this amazing scene.

This program was then used in multiple government presentations on the conservation of sea turtles in the Caribbean.

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