Bravos Boyz Vieques Island Real Estate

Meet the bravos boyz

Social media introduction video for boutique real estate agency.

Multiple interviews and drone footage of more than a dozen locations across Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

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real estate insurance video

We filmed nearly two dozen properties affected by hurricane Irma.

At the time, the island was completely without power, water, or gasoline. Our batteries were solar charged and the video was edited and posted using an iPhone with a hotspot.

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Casa de Amistad

Presentation video for commercial real estate listing.

Drone footage helped to illustrate the oasis created by this unique guesthouse for sale.

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real estate listing

With additional vineyard mapping.

Filmed this property for a website listing with additional mapping of the vineyards that were linked to Arc GIS to help determine proper aspect for the rows and water runoff.