Congratulations to the Bravos Boyz for 20 years on Vieques Island!

Bravos Boyz Vieques Island Real Estate

Congratulations to long-time clients, the Bravos Boyz, for 20 incredible years of real estate sales and property management on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico!

I was lucky enough to meet the owners when they had just purchased an old church in Bravos de Boston with plans to renovate it into a real estate office. Their dream was to create a curated group of vacation rentals in what they called the “Garden District” in the small barrio on the north shore of the island and they have since grown to represent all of Vieques and San Juan.

In addition to filming still photos for their websites, I’ve produced nearly two dozen videos for the Bravos Boyz and this video shows how the business has grown over the last 20 years. Filmed with a skeleton crew on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. I produced the entire project including:

  • Directing the interviews
  • Scheduling and filming all locations
  • Drone photos and videos
  • Editing, color correction
  • Motion graphics