Vieques Beekeeper checks on hives after hurricane Maria

Vieques Beekeeper checks on hives after hurricane Maria

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I followed this Vieques beekeeper into the woods behind my house to watch him check on his bees for the first time since hurricane Maria.

He explained that of all of his hives on the island, only three survived and they are having difficulty finding food. I could tell how much he cared for them by how he handled their boxes and spoke about them, almost like they were children. He was genuinely sad about how many had died and how that would impact the ecosystem of Vieques.

I shot and edited this on my iPhone that I charged with small solar panels as Vieques is still without power, almost three months after the storm. I was in a bee hat but my hands and feet were exposed. I was bothered by some soldiers but never stung. When I asked how long he thought it would take for the bees on the island to recover, he replied “that’s not up to me, that’s up to Mother Nature”.

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