Tahoe Mountain – New Year’s Eve

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Shared the last moments of 2016 with the calm beauty of Tahoe Mountain, South Lake Tahoe, California.

Hiked about a mile into the forest with my dog, Machete, at dusk. We watched the cloud patterns dissipate and looked for a break in the trees that would eventually reveal some nice stars.

Used Star Walk and PhotoPills apps to plan the shot, then we just played in the snow until it began to get dark.

I experimented with multiple exposures for HDR panoramas, midnight macro shots of snowflakes and even scouted blinds for wildlife photos. This image came close to midnight, as the Slow Globe party just down the hill was getting into full swing.

The comforting whispers of the trees were muffled by a fresh blanket of snow. The only other sound was the soft click of my shutter release, like a stuttering kiss at the stroke of midnight.

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