Vieques Insider Magazine – Biobay Cover

Vieques Insider Magazine – Biobay Cover

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Composing the Shot

Some behind the scenes looks at creating the cover photo of the January 2017 issue of the Vieques Insider.

We filmed this magazine cover photo inside of Puerto Mosquito, the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. I have been filming the Vieques Island Biobay and participating in scientific studies as well as environmental conservation efforts in and around the bay for nearly 20 years.

We first tested the composition and lighting in a swimming pool at night.

Once we had the camera angle sorted we went on a practice shoot in the bay to make sure the practical bits of loading the gear and crew onto kayaks and a tony electric boat were ironed out before the actual shoot.

I used several apps to help plan the cover shot. Photopills and Star Walk are indispensable tools, using augmented reality to show me where the Milky Way would be at the exact time we would be filming.

This single shot took over 100 man-hours of planning, testing, filming and compositing and would not have been possible without the help from an amazing crew!

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