Lake Tahoe School “Celebrating 20 Years”

Lake Tahoe School “Celebrating 20 Years”

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Presentation video shot, directed and edited by Karl Alexander for Lake Tahoe School, Incline Village, Nevada.

This video was presented during a live fundraising gala event and used for digital marketing and recruitment.

I’ve filmed in many different schools in the United States and the Caribbean and I must say how impressed I was by LTS students and staff. The students were standard kids, running around, joking and having fun but there was an undercurrent of something different there that I felt immediately on my first day of filming.

Over the next several days and after interviewing alumni, parents and current students, the difference began to come into focus. There was something about how everyone in this building related to each other. It seemed there was a shared calm in a space where there is normally noise and interruption from every side.

After this project was completed I could look back and think about what facilitated this calm. What was it that gave these students the confidence to succeed on so many educational and personal levels… In the end I think it is a mutual respect shared between the students, each other, the parents and faculty. Each person seems to know that they are all there to help each other. They embrace and foster that idea in every aspect of the school.

How this simple method of creating a successful learning environment has worked so well for the students and faculty at LTS was eye-opening for me as a parent. It was also quite encouraging in the face of the problems we have with mutual respect in our society today.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this video happen and congratulations on the successful fundraiser!

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