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Releasing endangered baby turtles on Vieques Fish & Wildlife Refuge

TICATOVE is a non-profit group on Vieques island dedicated to the conservation of marine turtles such as these baby leatherbacks. Often, eggs are relocated from nests in dangerous or developed beaches to the relative safety of the beaches of the largest fish and wildlife refuge in the Caribbean. In this case, these babies are being released on Red Beach, or Playa Caracas.
This video was shot on a Canon C100 with the only light sources being one or two red LED bike lights. The Milky Way was overhead and we captured a few good stills of that as well!
Some of the children in the video were from a conservation camp called Mini-Manta from the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust.

CUBA! Gallery Galleon Art Opening - Vieques, PR



Gallery Galleon, Vieques Island, PR


Leatherback Turtle Nesting in Daylight on Vieques - Very Rare! (subtítulos CC en español)

This leatherback sea turtle was filmed nesting during the day at Navío beach on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

Daytime nesting is very rare for this endangered species. The eggs were transported by the DNRA up the beach, away from the waterline.

This beach has an ever shifting coastline because of the direction it faces and many times large sections of sand are washed away overnight with a good storm.

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Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust